Supercharge thy CleverReach opt-in forms with Gravity Forms, the leading forms plugin because of WordPress. By powering thine CleverReach e mail marketing campaigns along Gravity Forms, you’ll achieve precious functions kind of subject logic, customized fields, GDPR compliance, and more between just seconds, now not hours. Join tens of millions over web sites global yet find out in what Gravity Forms is the most-trusted WordPress form plugin on the planet.

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly combine you mailing list levy types along Gravity Forms then the CleverReach Add-On. Why utilizes a basic opt-in subject when ye could leverage the pure rule about Gravity Forms then assemble mailing listing subscribers from each and every structure over you site?

Custom Fields

Get better information segmentation together with the monitoring regarding customized fields. With Gravity Forms and the CleverReach Add-On, someone field over you form be able stay sent in imitation of CleverReach as much a custom field in accordance with keep tune over the subscriber records up to expectation your business relies on.

Opt-In Conditional Logic

Take perfect power atop how you opt-in varieties contribute users together with the game-changing subject good judgment shaped at once between Gravity Forms.

Use conditional common sense according to decide salvo customers pleasure remain brought according to you mailing list, subscribe users according to exclusive lists, or also make thy varieties GDPR compliant by using placing prerequisites concerning user consent.

GDPR Compliance

Need you opt-in forms to lie GDPR compliant? We have ye covered. By adoption expertise regarding features certain namely subject logic, GDPR consent is as easy so a bit clicks.